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RP Instructor:
I was surprised not to have read anything regarding the subject/topic of the "National Academy for Nuclear Training Electronic Learning (NANTeL)" initiative that has begun in the industry. (
NANTeL -- National Academy for Nuclear Training e-Learning -- is a national Web-based system that provides standardized, generic training for the supplemental workforce. Training topics will initially include plant access, radiation worker, and human performance tools. INPO and the National Academy for Nuclear Training manage and operate the system for the U.S. nuclear industry.

We've begun using the NANTeL system here at Summer (as of 08/01/06), and will be requiring all contract personnel who do not have current PAT/RWT/FFD dates in PADS to complete this computer-based training. The passing grade for the NANTeL CBT course is >= 80, and (obviously) this is required training for a security badge.
The NANTeL PAT/RWT/FFD training will eventually be required for utility employees as well, beginning in 2007.

 Anyone know the specifics of this ? my understanding and i may be wrong is that it is a training tracking database of some sort so you can reduce your training requirements at plant sites. i understand that excelon and entergy are involved with it right now, not sure if any other utilities will be joining the parlay. guess from what i heard is that way you don't have to keep taking the same training at every site...........

How does one get into the student section... or rather, who do I contact?

Will this be available to all personnel????

Do they plan on installing NUUF type courses?

I ran into the NANTel courses for the first time (that I'm aware of) at Comanche Peak this past winter.  They didn't seem significantly different from the previous courses.  I still had to complete the site specific portions of the entrance training.  I'm pleased to see an increased effort to standardize the common training across the industry.

You get to the student section by being given a username and password by the site you take it at.  Not sure if perhaps contract companies them selves would be able to log into it or administer the tests.

I have taken this at a duke plant and her is my take for what its worth.

There is a bank of "Generic" lessons/tests and then another bank of "Site Specific" lessons/tests.  The generic are the Nantel banks and the Site specific is the additional information the utility itself requires.  Don't think the Site specific has anything to do with Nantel but could be wrong.

The subjects are FFD, Plant access, and RWT.  Failure of any module is not allowed.  There were on-line study guides but the volume of material was ridiculous and the questions were similar enough to the previous tests that it did not matter anyway.

I think the intent is as implied, To give you a card good for a year so you can go to any plant and be ready to go as long as its not expired.  But unless the Utilities actually adopt that idea and drop all the site specific crud then at best it gets you out of taking half the tests.



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