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Nuclear Practice Tests


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Quiz Questions Times Taken High Score
Nuclear Facility Trivia
Nuclear Facility Trivia
Trivia Challenge
Questions from all of our Trivia data banks.
20 765 100 by Mike McFarlin
Region I Trivia
NRC Region I Trivia
10 2036 100 by Heza Bear
Region II Trivia
NRC Region II Trivia
10 1293 100 by TDK1981
Region III Trivia
Region III nuclear plant trivia
10 520 100 by Mike McFarlin
Navy Nuke Trivia
Navy Nuke Trivia
10 2345 100 by coffmake
RP Fundamentals (NUF Exam)
Nuclear Utilities Fundamentals Senior HP Exam (Formerly NEU Exam)
NP-1 Atomic Nature of Matter
Atomic Structure, Atomic Mass and Atomic Weight.
5 4383 100 by cunninghama21575
NP-2 Nuclear Stability
Mass-energy equivalence, mass defect, binding energy, nuclear reactions and decay processes.
5 4397 100 by cunninghama21575
NP-3 Decay Modes & Decay Rates
Types of radioactive decay and the mechanisms involved.
10 3002 100 by ExMsHall
NP-4 Behavior & Interactions
The interaction of the various types of radiation with matter.
5 2889 100 by cunninghama21575
NP-5 Nuclear Reactions
Nuclear Reactions
5 2141 100 by cunninghama21575
RP-1 Biological Effects
Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation
5 9680 100 by fiveeleven
RP-2 Radiation & Contamination
Understand the sources of radiation & contamination, their origin & relative hazard based on energy.
20 7663 100 by THE CORE
RP-3 Detection And Instruments
Radiation Detection And Instrumentation.
25 9410 125 by jacobkowa
RP-4 Radiation Protection
ALARA, and Shielding Calculations
10 4359 100 by fiveeleven
RP-5 Surveys & Emergencys
Survey Techniques And Emergency Considerations.
15 5199 150 by jacobkowa
RP Fundamentals (NUF Exam)
Nuclear Utilities Fundamentals Exam (Formerly NEU)
50 101636 100 by ray6968
Questions from old objectives, not on the NUF
20 216 100 by fiveeleven
DOE Core Academics
There are the 13 lessons associated with the DOE Phase I: RCT fundamental academics program.
DOE CORE Academics 1.01
Basic Mathematics and Algebra
20 11560 100 by sdabler
DOE CORE Academics 1.02
Unit Analysis and Conversions
20 8417 100 by sdabler
DOE CORE Academics 1.03
Physical Sciences
20 19605 100 by FrankyJack
DOE CORE Academics 1.04
Nuclear Physics
20 15360 100 by tschwab
DOE CORE Academics 1.05
Sources of Radiation
10 17273 100 by tschwab
DOE CORE Academics 1.06
Radioactivity and Radioactive Decay
20 16371 100 by kimberly 1
DOE CORE Academics 1.07
Interactions of Radiation with Matter
20 15431 100 by tschwab
DOE CORE Academics 1.08
Biological Effects of Radiation
20 13486 100 by tff986s
DOE CORE Academics 1.09
Radiological Protection Standards
10 11745 100 by sjhenneman
DOE CORE Academics 1.10
20 7595 100 by sdabler
DOE CORE Academics 1.11
External Exposure Control
20 6837 100 by kimberly 1
DOE CORE Academics 1.12
Internal Exposure Control
20 7256 100 by Rad Honey
DOE CORE Academics 1.13
Radiation Detector Theory
20 14293 100 by sdabler
The Full Monte
50 38962 100 by robbelnap
RP Challenge
Questions from all of our RP Databanks.
50 744 96 by t.haan
NRRPT Practice Exam
20 4812 100 by Mike McFarlin
CHP Part I
ABHP CHP Part I Exam Practice Test
20 1201 100 by kingdom dweller


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