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[1] NUREG-2178, Volume 1, EPRI 3002005578: Refining And Characterizing Heat Release Rates From Electrical Enclosures During Fire (RACHELLE-FIRE) - Volume 1: Peak Heat Release Rates and Effect of Obstructed Plume

[2] NUREG/CR-7197, Final Report: Heat Release Rates of Electrical Enclosure Fires (HELEN-FIRE)

[3] NUREG-2179, Volumes 1 and 2, Final Report : Environmental Impact Statement for the Combined License (COL) for the Bell Bend Nuclear Power Plant

[4] NUREG/CR-7213, ANL/EVS-15/10: MILDOS-AREA Computation Verification Version 4

[5] NUREG/KM-0009: Historical Review and Observations of Defense-in-Depth

[6] NUREG-2193: Safety Evaluation Report Related to the License Renewal of Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station Docket Number 50-346 FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company

[7] NUREG/CR-7212, ANL/EVS-15/9: Technical Manual and User's Guide for MILDOS-AREA Version 4

[8] NUREG/BR-0117: NMSS Quarterly Newsletters - Issue No. 16-2, Spring 2016

[9] NUREG-2174: Impact of Variation in Environmental Conditions on the Thermal Performance of Dry Storage Casks, Final Report


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