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[1] NUREG/IA-0465: Fuel Rod Performance Uncertainty Analysis During Overpressurization Transient for Kuosheng Nuclear Power Plant with TRACE/ FRAPTRAN/ DAKOTA Codes in SNAP Interface

[2] NUREG/IA-0464: RELAP5/MOD3.3 Model Assessment and Hypothetical Accident Analysis of Kuosheng Nuclear Power Plant with SNAP Interface

[3] NUREG/CR-7177, Errata, ERI/NRC 13-210: Compendium of Analyses to Investigate Select Level 1 Probabilistic Risk Assessment End-State Definition and Success Criteria Modeling Issues

[4] NUREG/CR-4251/PNL-5461: Mitigative Techniques for Ground-Water Contamination Associated With Severe Nuclear Accidents

[5] NUREG-1556, Volume 2, Revision 1: Consolidated Guidance About Materials Licenses: Program-Specific Guidance About Industrial Radiography Licenses, Final Report

[6] NUREG-2188: U.S. Operating Experience with Thermally Treated Alloy 600 Steam Generator Tubes Through December 2013

[7] NUREG-1925, Revision 3: Research Activities FY 2015-FY 2017


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