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--- Quote ---I spent way to much time in the bartlett trailer.
--- End quote ---

You had better be careful, people will start to think you hang out with HP's.... at work, here.... where does the insanity end?

i hung out in the bartlett trailer because they couldnt ever get an RWP right...or we dosed em out as quick as they created them...or waiting for a TEDE.  or waiting on an briefing. you had to resign on RWP's 2 to 3 times a night
it was Rev. city...there were seriously RWP's with 8 and 9 revisions.
Hang out with HP's? i was put here to keep an eye on you people!!! its a dirty job but somes gotta do it  (ev)
[smiley=deal.gif]  [smiley=eye.gif]  [smiley=zzwhip.gif]

i should warn myself and you(add)about our quad cities talk<--mike of rule 1,3,9....but then you would only point out rule #10....your favorite im sure

Whatever happened to Dave Cook?
::)  ;)

Quad Unit 2 declared an Alert based on a stuck open Power Operated Relief Valve. They manually scrammed at 95 degrees Torus Temperature, the relief valve remained open long enough to raise Torus temperature to 118 degrees with RHR running in Torus Cooling Mode and the subsequent rapid depressurization violated the Reactor Coolant System 100 degree per hour Cooldown rate.

The PORV did close during the plant cooldown.

The plant was in Cold Shutdown (<212 degrees) in 7.5 hours.

The NRC dispatched a Special Inspection Team.

Quad has three types of Safety Relief Valves on their Main Steam System. Electromatics, Target Rocks, and PORVs. The plant was recently Power Uprated .


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