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Ok I am in and want to thank everyone!


OK I have been some what absent from the board lately but I am now ready to return and thank everyone who helped me with advise (and other important things as well, BZ M1 and others)

I today recveived my officaial package in the mail with my Nuclear Equipment Technician offer in it!!!!! :) :) I am excited to start!!  (I know some of you old timers may find it corney but after twenty-three years in the canoe club I feel almost as excited as I was when I joined the Nav)

I have not been on much lately as I have all but finished up getting ready to retire but  getting ready to sell my house and relocate has taken more time than I would like.

While I will not go into detail here let me say that with luck, help, a good attitude, and a little help I was able to get the job I wanted with the company I wanted at the site I wanted!  All I can say is thanks and gee AINT AMERICA GREAT!!!



Congrats....and thanks for your years of service!! Hope the job is all you want it to be!

Hope my sons have the same attitude when they get out.

Dude I got your PM. Yes we're gonna get together for some beers AND ribs! I;m glad you got the job at the location you had hoped for. You give me too much credit, all I did was give some friendly advice and shoot the shit with ya on the phone for 2 hours. :) Congrats, the Commercial industry is awesome and getting better.

Jason how is your search going?


Roll Tide:
If I have pointed anyone in the right direction, I am very pleased. BUT I didn't type the resume or conduct the interview that really got the position. Congratulations!


Tell Eric I said Hello.  He's one funny dude and I think you'll enjoy working with him.  Good luck in Civilian Nuclear Power and let me know how quals are going.


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