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Scott Hall


Mike McFarlin:
Just got a message, Scott Hall was involved in a head-on collision this morning. He is at University of Tennessee hospital on life support. Please include him in your prayers tonight. Will update when more facts are known.

Mike McFarlin:
New message today, he still is in intensive care and in guarded condition at  UT medical center. He has moved his right hand and his eyes are responsive. CAT scan reveals brain activity. Please pray for him, his wife and daughter tonight. Will update when more is known.

Carolina Jethro:
I worked with Scott @ K-33 about 3 years ago. He was real fun to be around. Hope and pray he comes through this.

Carolina Jethro:
By what I have read on  Scott is showing a little improvement but is still in very critical condition. Also he had no health insurance so donations can be made through Studio One in Wartburg.  Most of all say your prayers for Scott and his family. to find out more info on Scott go to the caringbridge website and enter scotthall in visitors link.

Scott; We are praying for you in Oregon, Chris


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