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8 hour refresher


To enroll in the 8 hour refresher, are we able to provide a certificate as proof of having current 40-hour training or are we required to take the 40 hour HAZWOPER course online?

Yep, you will get a certificate.

Sorry, I think you may have misunderstood my question.  What I meant was, how do we show proof of having already taken the 40 hour training?   If I only need the 8 hour refresher, how do I provide evidence that I've already taken the 40 hour class (provided from my employer)?

To enroll in the online 8 hr refresher, you do not need to show proof of the 40 hr.  You WILL need to show proof of the 40 hr in addition to the 8 hr when you apply for a job that requires current hazwoper training.


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