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BTW, it's in Region III.

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Here is the link Cairnit was refering to:


And here is the google lodging link:


I'm not familiar with the exact area, but since Ann Arbor is a college town, there should be lots to do.  It's not far from Metro Airport, either.  Heading east on 94 will put you in Detroit which really isn't bad in the Downtown area.  Couple of casinos that are decent if you like big, flashy casinos.  If you have time, you should checkout Greektown (not just the casino, but the whole area and restaraunts.)  I also have fond memories of the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum... but that may be more of a kids' thing.  And of course, there's always Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum.

I've also heard there's a Mongolian Barbeque in AA that's great.  Not sure of the name, but it may be BD's.  You can look for more restaurants (and entertainment, etc.) at arborweb.com.

You can also check out mlive.com, which has both travel and entertainment sections, plus links to some local news for other interesting things to do.

Thanks for everyones help..It is greatly appreciated...


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