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Nuclear NASCAR:
Hey ya'll,
I'm trying to find out some information on this subject.  Do you have specialization in your craft jobs?  As a couple of examples: 1. Mechanical maintenance does valve work.  Is everybody in the shop trained to do this work or only a select few?  If only a certain number do the work how are they selected?  2.  Electrical maintenance works on breakers (PM's & overhauls), Air conditioning, relamping, etc...  Do only a few do each of these duties or are all in the shop qualified and then the same few get assigned to these jobs on a regular basis? 

We're just trying to get a feel for what does go on in the industry and find out if where we stand as a plant in relation to everyone else.  Post here, PM me, email, whichever works best for you.  We are a bit pressed for time (big surprise there, huh?) so the sooner you can answer the better but I also think this could be a good discussion for awhile.

Thanks in advance,

Roll Tide:
TVA has specialization in the craft jobs, with only some Electricians qualified to work on HVAC, only some workers qualified on ice equipment, MOVATS, etc.
TVA had attempted to implement Multi-Skill shops, but that is becoming a title and not a reflection of actual skill.

Fermi, they had task quals for most general work, such as rebuilding a pump and the like.

For MOVATS and items like that they had a few specialized people, though I;m pretty sure they could all qualify it if they so liked.


Nuclear NASCAR:
Here's another bump in hopes of more feedback.

Thanks in advance,


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