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OPS Job Search Help: Comparing NRC exam schedules


Roll Tide:
So you are considering working for utility X at site X1 instead of utility Y at site Y2. How do you know which suits your needs better before the interview?

What if you could find out the scheduled NRC exams for the next 3 years. Would that help? A plant that is hurting for staff could bring you in as NLO and then go up to RO within 3 years.

Here is the NRC page

Go to your Region of interest (for me, that is Region 2, Southeast) (Adobe Acrobat file) in the box on the right. You can see every exam scheduled, and how many. You can see if they aren't intending to upgrade any RO to SRO (SROU code) or if they aren't bringing in any instants (SROI code). There is no way to see if the SROI have previously been licensed.

That information would have helped me make a more informed decision years ago (but would not have changed my choice).

Hope this helps someone.


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