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Uranium abundence

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If you were to compare the natural abundence of uranium to other metals it would be roughly equivalent to:

1) Platinum
2) Gold
3) Silver
4) Iron
5) Copper
6) Tin

Answer in a week.

If I had to guess without doing research, I would say Tin.  Uranium is more common than Silver, Gold, or Platinum.  Iron is a no brainer, it makes up a very large portion of the earth's mass.   I am not sure between Copper or Tin.  I am going to say Tin because Copper is found in large deposits and is cheaper than Uranium or Tin.

I'm going with gold. If I remember right both are in the high 90% range but I'm getting old and don't remember alot any more  :)

  ...abundance approximately that of tin or zinc...


I think he means abundance in today‚Äôs crust.  There are indications that there is a massive breeder reactor fueling it self on a diet of Plutonium, Uranium and the fertile fuel Thorium.  Volcanologist have seen very strange ratios of He3/He4 from gas emissions of volcanoes that could only be explained by this theory of the center of the earth nuclear reactor.  If we were to count this in the question, we might be way off in what we think the earth has.  I think it is a great theory that we could test more.  Maybe if we get better neutrino detectors, we can get more data to this mystery that may be occuring at the center of our Planet.  I wonder how the anti-nukes would feel about this natural reactor.  We already have had previous natural reactors in the history of the earth in Africa :P


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