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I have been uploading some photos succesfully to the Comanche Peak album. Initially I thought however I had duplicted some uploads as there are some photos that there are now are two off. The problem however  seems to be that once I have uploaded the photo and filled in all the details etc then I sometimes get an error message. And in those cases it seems that in spite of the error message the upload was succesful and I have been reloading the photos. So perhaps you could delete those on the Comanche peak album that are duplicated. In future if I get an error message that the upload was not succesful I first go and check the album before trying tp upload the photo again.


I believe I have fixed it:

Thank you for bringing it to my attention.


You can also see that my spelling of "Sqaauw" was not that great.

There is also a photos tagged "training center" that got uploaded and it is clearly the cooling water outflow.

I took a whole lot of photos inside the plant using a camera belonging to TXU, would there be any security violation if I posted some of them? Nobody mentioned anything to me, but I would hate to get in to trouble for violating any security restriction if I did post them. What do you think?

Nuclear NASCAR:
You might check with TXU prior to posting.  I had access to some of Callaway's SGRP photos and checked with security and got some approved prior to posting.  That way you get all of your bases covered.

Honestly, the only person that can answer that is the head of security at the facility.

There are thumb rules, like don't show anything that will compromise security, like security cameras, etc.


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