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PER-diem verses pay

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I have never posted here before. be easy on me.. i have a question.. why do we as techs insist on perdiem over pay.  with the outage seasons as short as they are and working 72 to 84 hours a week would we or would we not be better off with the payscale to increase ( like what the lab,s get or elect,pie fitters ect)  up to 45.00 a hour in some facilities. we would still be able to deduct all our living expenses  on our taxes  but with the pay rate  we would end up making more,  and it would help us  aging people with soc sec,  just  a question  it seems prudent to me ... but helll i dont know anything.. someone (ok all of you ) with more brains  tell me why we dont insist on this...  please     

Already Gone:
Why not both?  You should get the pay that the market demands for your services.  If you have to travel for your employer, they should pay your expenses at a reasonable and customary rate.

The question isn't per diem OR pay, but why aren't BOTH higher?

I agree BeerCourt.  Per diem is a separate issue from pay scale.  The expenses paid should reflect one's area and not job classification or anything else that ties into pay.  However, this is not the way of the business. 

I guess it would be depending on the diem math.  If I go to Millstone and get 770 a week diem but only have to pay 200 for a hotel and clear 570 and I am in the 25 percent income tax bracket then the 570 is worth about 720. which divided by 72 is 10 an hour. and 5 AND 7.50 Returnee bonus I guess I am making about 40 straight and 55 an hour OT.  But everyones math is different and it also depends on bracket.  But I like my math some may not, LOL  No Diem no siem, Somebody needs to explain diem math to DOE, especially, I DA HO.  I no da ho for Idaho because of DIEM.  LOL  I Da Ho For Mass Unemployment Dough!!

actually, per diem ISN'T totally seperate from pay, in reality.  Per diem isn't always paid to people who travel for thier jobs.  It is pay, but it is a way to pay people without taxing it, which people like.  Per diem is pay, but it is used to offset the cost of living, therefore, it can be paid in a different manner.  There are plenty of people who travel and don't get per diem.   Think about it.  Per diem is not a requirement.

so to say per diem isn't pay seems "not right" to me, although it would be nice if everyone who traveled got diem.  if it were law that when people travel they have to be paid travel expenses, then, maybe diem could be considered seperate from pay.  if there was no diem, people would just write off thier expenses and make due with the pay received.  the pay received would most likely be at a higher rate to compensate for no diem, another piece of evidence that diem truly is pay.


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