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Hey guys, I am now retarded (oops, I mean retired) Navy and got a bit of a quandry here.  Without going into too much detail, I have an opportunity to interview with STP for an NLO position.  My problem is I have just been made an attractive offer for a supervisory position with another company (not power generation) and must let them know yes or no by the end of next week (8 March).  My interview with STP is not until the following week.  The company that made the offer is within 45 miles of STP, so location really isn't a consideration.  Both jobs are 12 hour rotating shiftwork.  Starting pay with company is higher than STP starting, but within 2 years STP is higher.  What I really would appreciate is some more info, especially from some STP folks, about the facility.  What is the norm for career progression coming in as an NLO?  What is the working atmosphere like?  Will I spend the next 2-3 years buying senior guys sodas and being called "nub"?  Once on shift, what is a routine shift like?  I appreciate any info you guys can share with me.  I basically have to decide if I am going to turn down a job offer based on the possibility of getting another.  Convince me guys!

Rad Sponge:
Try PMing      kwicslvr about STP.

He works in chemistry, but could most likely give you some insight.

Thanks for your service.

Just because you accept doenst mean its written in blood.  Accept plan B and hope for plan A, at worst you still got a job out of the deal.

Career progression and the other stuff I cannot comment on based on experience being a newbie to the commercial world.  In fact I am not even working yet, still waiting.

Most utilities, once you get on shift you'll be treated well. You might get called a nub every now an then just for a laugh. Both utilities I've worked for the new operators were treated well, they were accepted on shift and within days were just one of the "guys". You'll find Operators are Operates everywhere. In fact within my first day at my new plant I was engaged in a BS session that was not much different from my old plant. It's a great life. My only big regret when I changed utilities was I said something that was misconstrued and I hurt a LOT of peoples feelings. Given I had to work with these people I wasn't too pleased with myself. After working with me I think they found I was just another guy, a bit more outspoken than most but not malicious or arrogant by any means.

Not sure how much convincing you need but you will be treated very well.


Thanks for the info folks, your really making my decision that much harder.  ;D  I am heading down to the area to compare living arrangments between Victoria and Lake Jackson this weekend to get more info.  Thanks again.


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