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Need to know more about NLO / South Texas Project

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Nuclear NASCAR:
The best advice I can give is to search this site using POSS and NLO as criteria.  You'll probably find a few hours worth of info just with that. 

Best of luck with the tests & interviews.  There are many times I wish I'd gone into Ops, just because I like to know how stuff works.


Roll Tide:
Good luck! You can get some study info at this link (from this site):

Your interview will almost certainly not be related to the exam sections. On the exam (I presume EEI POSS) you need to work as fast as possible (they are designed to not finish) on each section involving math.

On the interview you will be asked about previous experiences that you have had. They don't want to know if you already know how to operate their plant (though they will appreciate the fact that you have previously operated small scale systems). Most relevant will be when they (I am assuming 3 people together) ask you about things like:

1) Tell us a time when you made a mistake. How did you react when you realized it was a mistake.
2) Have you ever bought a product with some assembly required? How do you approach the project? What if the directions are missing?
3) If you are given an order to operate equipment that is damaged, how will you react?
4) What are your two greatest strengths? How do you use them?
5) What are your two greatest weaknesses? What is your action plan to correct them?

You have been involved with many boards over the years. You know they will attempt to take you out of your comfort zone to see what lies beneath.

Final advice on the interview: the interviewers should be funnier that the interviewee

Advice on the area: you will have more people within 10 miles than you had for many of your days at sea, and unlike the Navy you get to choose which ones of your neighbors you see on any given day.


--- Quote from: exA4Wem on Mar 07, 2007, 03:44 ---Well, I'm going for it!  Any advice?  Supposed to do 5 hours of testing followed by 2 interviews.  Anyone have any insight into that?  Thanks for your help.

--- End quote ---

Don't close the door on your other job offer.  The POSS test is not a cake walk even for a nuke.

Rad Sponge:
Karma to you.

Good luck on the test.

I remember taking the technician version of the test and for about 58 seconds I forgot how to do simple fractions, arithmetic, and other seemingly base computations.

At 59 seconds I had an epiphany and all my third grade learnings emerged and I passed the test.

Moral: You will be nervous, you might brain blurr, breathe, continue.

Do well.

Well, finished up the testing and interviews.  I think it went well, but you never really know until you get the call.  Hoping for the best.


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