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Accept the supervisory job and stil interview for the STP job.  One aspect you should consider is the culture shock of working in the non-nuclear world.  You have had the privilige of working with elite minds the past 20 years.  That is an often overlooked benefit of being in the canoe club.  Operations dept in the nuclear world is fun and rewarding and is missing the navy bs.  Also, the non-nuclear world will always try to trivialize your navy nuke experience.  Sort of like the way we trivialize coners, engineers, target pukes, etc.  Your 20 years is valuable experience and an nlo position is an excellent extension of your military service.

Your worst day in commercial nuclear power will be better than most of your best days in the navy for several reasons:

1.  You go home everynight
2.  You don't pull duty
3.  You get paid time and double time for overtime plus paid meals
4.  In MOST cases the top performers are promoted and not the lifer 20 year pukes or the college graduate who received his commision yesterday.
5.  You are able to become the plant manager without being a ring-knocker

The list goes on...

An NLO position is an excellent choice with lots of options for you down the road.

As a recently retired Chief who just started as an NLO for DUKE let me say that so far I am so stoked by my new job that I am not sure that I will not feel guilty about taking my pay checks!!!!  I have yet to see anything that would make me regret in any way I choose to turn down non-power jobs to do this.  The future is bright for those who are willing to put forth effort and I think in the medium term pay will haveto go up because everywhere they are hurting for people due to pending retirements! 
One other consideration not mentioned so far is job security, given the need for operators and the basic dynamics for power in this country I think you can see there is huge job security in this feild for operators as for other civilian careers .....

Good Luck

Roll Tide:

--- Quote from: Broadzilla on Mar 02, 2007, 02:43 ---within my first day at my new plant I was engaged in a BS session
--- End quote ---

Really?  :o :o :o

As the other ex-Navy guys who have chosen to go OPS have said, it is a great route. I realize it isn't the only route, but I am sure glad I took a position in commercial nuclear power. And my Navy experience is most valuable in OPS.

I actually drove out there this weekend to look around.  Middle of nowhere.  Nearest non-rural place to live is 50 miles away.  Not too sure about doing 12 hour shifts with 2 hour commute on top of that.  Maybe I missed something, like the bunkhouse like they had in Idaho  ;D.  Thanks for your replies, still not sure tho due to nearby living situation.

Well, I'm going for it!  Any advice?  Supposed to do 5 hours of testing followed by 2 interviews.  Anyone have any insight into that?  Thanks for your help.


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