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I am an I&C Tech. I am on my first outage now at GGNS. This is only a 3-4 week job. What is the best way to find another outage? I noticed that there is an excel sheet for purchase. How exactly can this help me? Does it list who has the I&C contract? How do you know who has the contract for I&C work? Any input will help a lot Thanks. again I am extremely new to this I also want to thank Rennhack for his input to me in the past.

The outage list, list all outages that are going on in a season, unfourtunatly not whats hiring for any given job.  I suggest calling some of the recruiters listed on the site such as Bartlett which does do hiring for other than HP and decon but Im not sure out of which office but any of the recruiters should be able to point you in the right direction.  Just look at previous job post from other companies and it should give you an idea of what they staff.  Its rather late in the season to confirm something else but you never know what you can get last minute if you keep your bags packed.  Good Luck. 

Mike McFarlin:
Start dialing for dollars early. The best jobs go early.


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