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Mike McFarlin:
Is it FAIR for a 20 year Senior with loads of experience to be paid the same as a tech who is working his first job as A Senior?

Already Gone:
Hell No!
They ought to pay the kid twice as much because he can actually climb the ladder to do the survey.

Fair is a loaded word.  Surely the 20 year tech has more experience. But are they a better?   I've worked with a few techs with lots of experience that weren't worth a good Jr.  So how do you quanitfy good tech vs experience?  Performance reviews?  We've all seen problems with that too.

when you apply for the same job -20 year or 20 day -its still the same job- and the pay is the pay- if you are a 20 year sr you should be looking into engineering or alara- those ladders get higher every year.  why should somebody get extra pay for a non-union-non seniority building job?  business is business

In ALARA the blankets do not get lighter with age!


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