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We could always go back to the 'good old days' where everyone negotiated their own deal and everyone got paid based on negotiations and the 'buddy system.' You would have brand new 'seniors' making more than the 20+ year people (if you could find any 20+ folks. Back then 5 years was a ton of experience.)

yep rd and we got two years experience for every month


--- Quote from: illegalsmile on Mar 29, 2007, 05:25 ---....or if, as I have recently seen, a 5 yr tech covering the refuel floor and a 15 yr tech watching the PCM's and frisking out tools.....should the 5 yr tech be paid more?

--- End quote ---

hail know!  iffen he was as good as da 15 year, he'd be sitting, watcheen pcms, friskeen tools, tocking to da wimmen, 'n wondering wereinell is da relief!  experience gits payed big bux to due little.  axe any manager.   ;)


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