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   ...what is the status of the upcoming restriction on hours will it be managed...

Mike McFarlin:
Many companies do, as needed. my experience, going beyond 72 hours, though not rare, is something out of the ordinary and requires relatively high level exelon plants 84 hours is almost an expectation...

wattinell iza purpose of going to a 4 week outage iffen ya ain't dune 84s?

We (BFN OPS) used to work 7-12, NRC pretty much told us no blanket waivers even for outages. We now work 6-12's for refueling outages. That's OK on dayshift, makes night shift a little harder if you want to stay up and see the family on your day off. We are nearing the end of a 40+ day power uprate outage on U2, and approaching startup of U1, needless to say it is very challenging!


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