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With just a swipe of a pen, they (and we all know who they are) can make the hour requirements vanish.  It's happened before, and it will happen again.

 On the other hand, if I work 15 days straight, I would like a litlle time off to recharge my liver :P

Iced Tiger:
Just to add a UK slant on the outage hours debate, when I worked in the maintenance section at Heysham 1 a couple of years back we used to do thirteen 12 hour shifts in every fourteen days. With an hour and a halfs travelling time a day as well I was glad to see the back of the 60 day outage. The only saving grace was the double bubble for the extra hours. Most AGR outages last for up to 60 days with a normal maintenance window being between 45 and 55 days depending on the work to be completed. Now I'am on ops at Heysham 2 we only have do do a certain number of extra hours, but we get paid for these up front on a monthly basis. ;)

They'll be doing 7  11s at St. Lucia.  But who knows when it will start.  Heard  the first of Sept. and now maybe sometime in Oct.

there's a plant in St Lucia?????party time!!!!!!


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