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retired nuke:
If they'd let me do my outage here at VY on 40's, I would. It's not that the money isn't nice, but my kids are small, and overtime messes with them......


--- Quote from: SloGlo on Mar 30, 2007, 12:45 ---wattinell iza purpose of going to a 4 week outage iffen ya ain't dune 84s?

--- End quote ---

eye wuz refurincing rode peepel.

Halcyon Daze:

--- Quote from: SloGlo on Mar 30, 2007, 12:45 ---wattinell iza purpose of going to a 4 week outage iffen ya ain't dune 84s?

--- End quote ---
ifn it wuz jest won phore weak outije aey mite agrie with ewe (sorry folks, gotta speak Glo's language).....butt whin yinze put tewgethur thrie ov them in a roe, it kin git kindo weeriesum. A phew uv uz aint ez yung az we wuz in 1980.

Charles U Farley:
I don't get it.  You are working 84 hours in a week.  And the NRC says that that is too much.  So you only work 72 Hours now.  What is this 'overtime' thing you speak of? 

I am sorry.  I don't venture out of the Navy boards too often.  I am looking for my breadcrumbs so I can find my way back.   ;)

There are limits to how much one can work. Usually these limits apply to a minimum to Operators, Rad Protection, Chem Techs and Maintenance personnel. At my old plant they applied to everyone.

A rolling clock is used.

The Limits are usually as follows

1: No more than 16 hours straight excluding turnover.
2: No more than 16 hours in a 24 hour period excluding turnover time.
3: No more than 24 Hours in a 48 hour period excluding turnover time.
4: No more than 72 hours in any 7 days period excluding turnover time.
5: A minimum of 8 hours off including turnover time (this one can be tricky) because if you work 8 hours, then are called back into work you're still ok, the intent is to not jockey around a 16 in a 24 in a manner that 8 hours CONTINUOUS time off is not provided.

Most plants provide up to one hour of Turnover time. The NRC usually frowns on anything over an hour but in some cases, ie key positions during an outage I've seen up to 90 minutes allowed. Using one hour one can work 78 hours in a 7 day work week because 6 of those hours are technically not working but turning over.

Any working past these hours require PRE APPROVAL, in other words say I've been there 23 hours in a 48 hour period.  Operator A can't make it into work and I'm asked to stay over until another Operator can be called in. Before I can stay over a Waiver has to be approved. In most cases the Plant Manager has to approve the waiver but they will allow a Shift Manager to approve it after contacting the PM. The bottom line is the PM has to be called. At my plant a SM can sign any waiver except 16 hours continuous. The PM has to sign it. I HATE figuring Working Hour Limits because in some cases it can be VERY tricky especially if the guy worked an odd hour shift during the period. Working Hour Limits mostly come up in Operations, by that I mean unexpected Waivers as there has to be a minimum number of Operators onsite at any one time. The time it is most violated is on last minute Overtime calls. Many individuals don't understand OT Limits and its up to the individual to state whether they can accept the assignment without needing a waiver. Everytime I've ever had to figure out whether someone meets them I always have to make up a table of hours worked. For SROs OT limits are a VERY common test question.

Blanket Waiver: The Term Blanket Waiver means a waiver signed for a whole department or group of people during an outage or some other period. They are frowned on by the NRC. During an outage at Fermi there was a blanket waiver for Maintenance. They worked 7/84. About 2 weeks into the outage it was very clear that personnel errors were on the rise and all the errors were being committed by maintenance personnel so the blanket waiver went away, they went back to 6/72 and the errors stopped. The maintenance group I was heading was on 6/72 all along because I thought a blanket waiver was STUPID. We had no errors the entire outage. (and none in 20 months :) ).

The Plant where I currently work has a few staffing issues which will take a few classes to alleviate so working hour limitations come up a lot due to calling of OT.

Hope this helped!




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