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What do Nukes (and familly/ friends) drive?

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Just a question that came to me all of a sudden.

Camella Black:
2005 Ford Focus, 30 mpg or more. This is our third Focus, 1st was a lemon and Ford replaced it with another which we loved both for its performance on the road and off.

As some of you may remember our youngest daughter passed out at the wheel of this auto doing 70 mph on I-20 in Columbia back in 2004. She actually hit the guard rail, drove through a wooded area and flipped at least 3 times and landed upside down on the access road below the interstate. With the grace of God she suffered only minor injuries which include multiple stiches to her elbow, ear, and forehead and staples in the back of her head along with 3 compressed discs in her back. The car was not as fortunate.

She now drives a Chevy Malibu, but I bought another Focus.

Brett LaVigne:
Wife and I have had a variety of different cars.  I have owned and traveled with pickup trucks, Corvettes, even a classic 1968 Camaro.
I don't do the travel trailor thing so I can drive what I want.  I just bought an Infinity G35 sport coupe, fun to drive and gets pretty decent gas milage.  I am a car guy and I figure that if I have a job that takes me on the road away from my family for several weeks/year, I am going to at least have the car that I like.  Guess it is a little reward for myself.

P.S., We took over a lease to help out a family member about 6 months ago, it is a Chevy Equinox...Piece of junk!!!!  That is not to say that all Chevy's are junk, I have had a lot of good GM products.  Just a warning that this new economical SUV could be a vehicle that roadies might want but it is a piece of crap and even the service manager at the dealership where I take it routinely to get fixed says it is. 

2003 F250 and 2001 Ford Focus.  The Focus is ok, apparently Ford got it dead on from 2002.5 on to the present.  The Focus had been a perennial C&D 10 best, though they typically displayed the now defunct SVT version at the award.

Momma Broadzilla drives a 2002 Trailblazer (First one off the truck and the first sold in Michigan). Dang thing is reliable as heck and the factory brakes lasted 101K miles.

I drive a red 1998 Plymouth Neon. Gets good gas mileage and since it doesn't have the engine of the trailblazer or my last couple cars I'm less prone to drive like a maniac, though I still do.



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