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What do Nukes (and familly/ friends) drive?

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Wife took my 2006 Hemi 1500 Quad Cab and I got a 2006 Dakota V8 with 6 speed. Fun to drive but I need more cab room, ie diet for driver. :(

BZ you got the old coot part right... ;D hehehe
To all the about adding what you would like to drive....I know I love my car but it is not my dream car so to speak.

My dream...well not a car...and HD preal. Not a lot of bags. Now that the kids are not sucking up all the cash I am well on my way....I can just see me now...riding back to SC to see the kids...wind in my hair.  8)

Oh sorry this is a forum not a place for me to share all my biker dreams  :P

Take Care

I filled in the blanks for the 2 cages in our household but you didn't have an option for a bike. That is the vehicle I use most........



                  ??? You left motorcycle off the poll.

Camella Black:
Well I would like to own/drive either a 1968 Jaguar XJ6 or 1967/68 Land Rover Station Wagon; but its like my grand-dad said once (when he asked me what type of car I wanted for college and I told him a Lamborghini) "People in hell want ice water too".

BTW I actually got a '69 VW411 which was only a few years old by then. Man, I wished I still owned that car... it was teal green and got the best gas mileage - $5 would run me for the week!!!


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