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What do Nukes (and familly/ friends) drive?

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04 F150 FX4 with the dreaded 5.4 3 valve, keeps me busy. Bought the wife a 2015 Honda Pilot in the fall of 14, she loves it. Seats 8 comfortably, but is small enough that she can still park it anywhere and it's about $20,000 cheaper then a Suburban. Back seats fold flat which is great this time of year as we are usually hauling ball gear either to a practice or a game.

New hitch cover from Etsy.

I still drive a 2006 Focus!

2012 Lincoln MKZ.  I got a 2010 Ford Escape, too, but I'm trying to offload that one.


--- Quote from: JasonConner on Jul 03, 2016, 12:23 ---..... I got a 2010 Ford Escape, too, but I'm trying to offload that one.

--- End quote ---

dependent on the vehicle's condition now is a good time,...

the body style of the 2010 is aesthetically popular,...

a 2010 is a bit long in the tooth for resale value, better to get it done before the rust monster settles in (if you live in the rust belt or close to the coast),...

the plethora of plastic body panels mask the rust traps and the onset of chloride cancer, by the time you see the bubbling and flaking it's much worse than you think it is,...

unless you are one of those "detail oriented" types who actually crawls around under their vehicle and inspects for such things routinely to nip it in the bud as it were,...

if so, howdy comrade and enjoy the day!!!!


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