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What do Nukes (and familly/ friends) drive?

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I have a 1999 Subaru Outback (dubbed "The Shaggin Wagon") and I love it!  I also have a 1982 convertible Rabbit, which is also alot of fun to drive.  Gets pretty decent gas mileage, too.  I'm looking at maybe getting a motorcycle... there is this suzuki SV650 that is for sale- totally tricked out and a screamin deal! 

As to what I would have if I could have anything... Tesla Roadsters are sooooo wicked! 

I would love to have my 1962 Plymouth Belvedere, HEMI Pro Street car back.  :'(

I want my 1791 Pea Green Plymouth she was sweet. Slant 6...3 on the tree. Sounded like a tank...Detroit Steel rumbling down the road. Loved to race that thing.  8)

Young pucks pull up to the stop light and I would burn them off the with my twin car seats in the back. I never raced with they boys in the car but the carseats were always there!!

Sold it for something more practical....the guy totaled it 3 days later.... :'( :'( :'(


--- Quote from: navytwinmom on Apr 04, 2007, 10:04 ---I want my 1791 Pea Green Plymouth Valiant....
--- End quote ---

Did George Washington drive one of those?  ;D

(Sorry, couldn't help it)

Winter------7 months a year in Canada I drive a 2005 Chev. Colorado 4dr. truck
Other seasons----- 1997 Yamaha V-max 1200cc motorcycle that has been customized ;D

Jim Rodgers
RP Supervisor
Ontario Power Generation
Nuclear Waste Management


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