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Oak Ridge, Paducah or Portsmouth jobs


Does anybody have information on HP or DECON positions at Oak Ridge, Paducah or Portsmouth. looking for names of main contractors or subcontractors to send a resume to. Any information will greatly appreciated.

Try this search of the job board:

It shows which companies have job openings, and links to the job listings as well as the company information.

Mike, I am looking for company names so i can research all avenues. Is there some where on this site where i might find that info If not that may be a good tool to add on maybe. Current job board doesnt help me at this moment. Thanks anyway

The job board link above shows the names and company info of companies that have jobs posted now in Region 2.

If you are looking for a job, a company that does not have a job posted/open isn't going to help us.

If you want to see every company ever registered, follow this link:

Company Ratings:


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