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PDA Rad Pro Calculator Update


A new version of the software for Pocket PC has just been released (Version 1.4).  Updates include:

Added ALARA calculator.  It includes the best of the gamma calculator, including shielding, and the Inverse Square Law calculator with the addition of dose limits and stay times.  This includes the most common time, distance and shielding calculations done by technicians, engineers and emergency response personnel.

Added Cl-36, Ba-133 and Zr-89 to the decay calculator.  Minor code fixes, including the Rb-83 gamma bug.  Added Y-88, Zr-89 and I-124 to the gamma calculator.  Fixed bug where actinium isotopes were listed twice in the decay calculator upon program startup.

The website now includes more comprehensive PDA deployment instructions and new files for installing the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 for users who do not use Microsoft’s ActiveSync software for PDA synchronization.

There is a small website update also.  Online calculators now include general description and usage text on each calculator page.

New downloads are available at:

A major bug was repaired.  On the gamma calculator, the ability to calculate activity from a known dose-rate was not functioning.  Also the calculate shield thickness calculation was compromised.  It is functioning properly now.  All Pocket PC users and Smartphone users who use this Pocket PC version with 1.41 and prior releases should uninstall and install this new version (any install before 7-2-2007).

Many thanks to the University of Surrey, UK for the bug report.



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