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Things that rookie nukeworkers should know

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This post is for all the rookie nukeworkers just getting started...

I'm posting this b/c at the time i started out doing the roadtech thing, about 3 - 4yrs ago, I had no idea of what was going on, or what to do.  I just knew that I had a job to get to, a per diem check would be waiting and that I had to be there on Monday at 6am. 

The first few weeks of a job is pretty intimidating for a rookie roadtech, but here are a few things that I've learned to help you new guys (and gals!) get by.


Can't stress that enough.  This is probably the most important thing that you can do once you get into town.  EVerything that you need for survival is here 24/7. Get essntials and CASH CHECKS!  Wal-Mart has a $1500 check cashing limit.

2- Find a branch of your bank. 

Ex. If you're with Bank of America, find a branch in that town.  If you're w/ Wells fargo, find a branch in that town....   The reason being is that once you get that first check, whether it be a P/D, a regular paycheck, or a travel check you can go to that bank and get it cashed without paying the $3 fee wal mart charges you, plus your direct deposit probably wont be set up yet. Now if your bank is closed, then see #1.

3- Get your car checked out before the road trip.

You dont want breakdowns on the road, so i suggest you change oil, get new tires if your budget allows for it, go to jiffy lube something, just get some car maintenance before you roll out.

4- Join

This site has saved me at least $2000 every outage season.  Why get gouged by hotels who jack up their prices for outage season, when you can rent a room out from someone, on a month to month basis?  Ex.  Staying at Motel "A" costs 300/wk...  staying w/ a roomate costs about 550/mo.  1 month = 4 weeks.  Motel "A" = 1200, roomate = 550. 

5- Wash / Drop off laundry

How's this for convience?  You have a load (or two) of clothes, you pay about 20-25 bucks (1.50/1.75 - per pound of clothes), this pays for the washing drying and detergent.  Drop off the clothes, they'll be done in about 3 hours time.  Washed, dried, and FOLDED!  Why blow your day off on washing clothes?

6- Navigation system

Once you get a few checks under your belt, it's time to invest in a navigation system for the car.  A GOOD one will run 500+, not the ones from wal-mart, go online, or go to Circuit city / Best Buy...   It's very difficult trying to find the training centers from the maps that the staffing companies provide.  Or if you want to explore the city.

7- Satellite Radio

There's really nothing better than sat radio on cross-country trips. 180+ channels of whatever you wanna listen to. Personally, i cant do country music from St. Louis to Denver and all thru Texas / Oklahoma.  Sirius or XM, doesn't really matter...just get it.

8- Laptop computer.

Leave the desktops at home.  Get a Laptop w/an internal wireless card. Most hotels are going wi-fi, and all the Flying J's have it too.  Makes life infinitely sweeter.

9- Only go drinking when you have the following day/ night off.
Self explanatory.

10- Be a GOLD member on NUKEWORKER!  Help support Mike, b/c he's deifinitely helping to support us!

Any other tips will be appreciated!

This is a fantastic list.  Great job indo.  I'm gonna sticky this threrad.

the most important thing to remember is to never eat from a community popcorn bowl...

And leave the women where you found them

Bring your own alarm clock, preferably one that has a battery backup in case the power goes out.


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