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Things that rookie nukeworkers should know

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--- Quote from: Cathy on Apr 17, 2007, 05:13 ---Bring your own alarm clock, preferably one that has a battery backup in case the power goes out.

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I bring my own pillows, even if I'm staying at a hotel.


--- Quote from: Rennhack on Apr 17, 2007, 05:23 ---I bring my own pillows, even if I'm staying at a hotel.

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Im allergic to tide which is what all the hotels use it seems like so I go as far as bringing my own sheets and towels when packing space allows, otherwise I check with the hotel to see if theyll launder my sheets separate with my own soap or i just drop them off at the wash n fold letting the hotel know what Ive done ofcourse. 

Dont forget a backpack or duffel bag for all your at work goodies....I always carry my steelies/workboots in my bag to prevent a hold up in the mornings if theres no where to store them on site and wear my tennis shoes in.    So whens the nukeworker duffel bags coming out?

iffen ya don't due cell phones, git won!  itsa weigh cheepar dan motel phone line costs 'n easier dan opening/closing accounts wit ma bell 'n associates.  iffen ya don't wanna due cells, take yer own answering machine.  use it with motel lines 'n git yer messages direct, w/o desk clerk interpretashun.  'sides, iffen sumbuddy misdials der buddies room, yule laff yer butt off at watt der saying when yer machine picks up.
use a cb radio while ona rode.  it'll save mucho bucks from donating to different state trooper associations.  plus it's a good source of entertainment at 3 am in da middle of iowa.  knot to mention a source of info on gas stations, restaurants, 'n wide spots ona side of da rode fer when ya absolutely gotta go "now" !
git a dc/ac converter to run laptop outa yer vehicle.
pak yer cents of humor.  it'll help maitain alla yer udder sensibilities.

I agree with the pillow,banks and wal-mart thing. I also carry the big ben alarm clocks ( no power or batterys needed ) they will wake the dead. You will need the day and night time cold meds. for the RX-BLDG bug !!!! Find the good places to eat. Find the local hang out,but never let the women know where you stay.Allways watch who you make mad or get on the wrong side of, because they could be your next supvr. When not sure ask don't asume "all questions have an answer"

I added a bank finder, and a wal*mart finder, and a roomate finder to the facility info pages, see example here:


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