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retired nuke:
Cartridge style RWCU pumps - on the cold side of the HX
Pumps, HX, Demins in separate shielded cubicles
Go back to reach rods for valves in hi rad rooms - there's actually a nice cable style that works well.
Fiber optic, WiFi, etc - least run the conduit, then when technology changes its just a cable pull...
If it is going to need scaffolding 3x/yr, then build a platform for it

Yeah, I'm tired of frying for stupid designs.... :-\

It should be possible to design an area so that you can actually walk upright through it.  Contray to what some of the designers think we are not all 4 ft tall

Vent and drains in logical or at least reachable places, so you don't have to set up scaffolding for a 15 min test. Stop using butterfly valves as isolation valves in the condensate system. Design a RW system such that you don't have to discharge (it is possible, Clinton hasn't done a liquid discharge in about 18 years), keep the RW evaporators in good working condition so you aren't spending exorbitant prices for last minute work. Better yet, get rid of the RW evaporators and replace them with a more efficient system. Digital FW control in all new plants. Stator can rotor recirc pumps. Fix the damn RR pump seal issues. etc.. etc.. etc..

Rad Sponge:
My demands are modest...

More than one elevator in the turbine building.

More than one elevator in the auxiliary building.

Maybe a level indicator on the CVCS/RCS chemical injection add tank (shooting lithiated water into the overhead is fun!!!)

Maybe something silly as sample points piped into the laboratories from the spaces.

Maybe something even sillier as automated online analysis of borons (would make S/U and S/D less of a communication folly)

Hmm, howabout biscuit and gravy dispensers on all levels.


--- Quote from: Marssim on May 02, 2007, 08:03 ---How about building ONE standard PWR and ONE standard BWR, or maybe just ONE standard reactor design,...
The savings from economy of scale over the life of the fleet has got to override any spot market considerations during initial construction, plus the recouped costs from across the board lessons learned, standardized training, etc.,...
(The French do at least one thing right other than food)..... :P

--- End quote ---

In order to achieve that we will need one utility (like France) that is state supported (like France) which would put us one step closer to a socialist governemnt (like France). No thanks, I will put up with the differences.


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