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Oh sure- the food is great, pay is nice,  every sunset is a postcard, they let you play cards, the bars are open in the morning, and you can visit Charlie Manson in your off time, (we bonded) but why would anyone want to work there? Where is the challenge?

Cause they treat you like a human being. :)  As for the challenge, obviously you have not been there recently.  Techs have gotten less and work load more.  They actually expect you to be a tech, not just show up for money.  Best treatment ever.

Great place to work. Wonderful weather. Good relations between management and union. Good people all around.

Good place to work.  Nice environment.  Biggest Problem:  THE SECOND MOST EXPENSIVE PLACE TO LIVE IN CALIFORNIA :o

What you make you will need for the rent or hotel - Think of it as a working vacation.  Studio Apt = 750 to 900 per month, Hotel = 60+ per night.  Since the area is a resort/retirement community and median house range is $700,000 - You get the idea.  Plus don't expect to stay more than 3 to 4 weeks.  That's all I got to say about that :-/


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