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Newbie Nukie:
I am seeking employment at ANO. Can anyone give me  information on where to apply or contrators that I can contact. I have been to the Entergy website, but I can't find any contractors. I'm interested in long term or outage work. I just want to get in the door. I appreciate any help you can give to me.

Your best bet for long term is to keep checking on the Entergy job site....sometimes utilities post jobs on sites such as here or monster.com.  Contractors are good for outage work and then those would be your usual bartlett, atlantic, and who ever does their other little odds and ends.  Depending on what you want to be when you grow up you could also try the local union hall. 

i believe stone and webster is the contractor for labor, pipefitters ect. www.shawgrp.com but if i tell you once turn around a run the other direction from this plant !!!!

Roll Tide:
In general, the trend has been for companies to move away from the huge all-encompassing sites and to "niche sites". Receiving 10,000 unqualified applications for a job (as has happened in the past to TVA and other large companies in areas where excellent jobs are scarce) is a huge waste of time. Advertising on the company website only reduces the number of applicants, but may miss many that are highly qualified and interested.

I don't think Entergy is advertising on Nukeworker today, but I bet they will be soon (and for good reasons).

What field are you looking to get into? I hear the best way to get in is being an AO. I heard the advertise on the local paper. If you serous about getting in you need to do some foot work either on this site or your local state career center. ANO is a big employer for the Russelville area. I'm sure the Chamber of Commerce, or the career center could help you.


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