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Just accepted an offer for a sweet operations instructor position at Palo Verde! I am stoked to get the opportunity to work at the number one plant on my list of places to work! Sure, I am giving up some money by not taking one of the several instant SRO jobs offered, but it wasn't all about the money. I chose location first because its about my happiness and I am going to be very happy there doing what I want to be doing. I think my chances for success are better on this path vice instant and I couldn't ask for anything more. Besides, I get SRO cert and can cross over if I want someday. Goodbye Navy, hello Commercial Nukes! :)


Nuclear NASCAR:
Congratulations Justin!  Best of luck in the new job, and Thanks for your service to our country also.  Glad to hear you got your first choice, too. 

congrats bro.  get some experience and get on the road!  you might be able to make some big $$$ with that SRO cert contracting as a trainer.

Roll Tide:

(Did I ever tell you about the new Palo Verde worker who bought his house on the East side of Phoenix because his Realtor told him he thought it was closer? Don't make any hasty mistakes!)

SRO Cert is certainly the way to go for an instructor position. Only OPS will require an actual license.

Thanks fellas! I am thoroughly excited... and... nervous. Gonna be a big change both in jobs and climates. I am a NE boy and am hoping I can adjust well to the climate. As far as buying a house... I decided to rent my first year to avoid mistakes like you mentioned. I want to learn the area and be sure I like it there before I make any purchase decisions.



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