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After successful completion of the EEI test in February, and a few long months of waiting, I have been invited to an interview (this Wednesday, May 23) at WBN for an SGPO class!

I would like to thank the regular contributors here for the wealth of information available to those of us taking the EEI for the first time.  I have a few questions, though, regarding the interview process:

While the information given in this thread:  http://www.nukeworker.com/forum/index.php/topic,3488.0.html relates specifically to an interview for SRO, should I expect similar questions for an SGPO interview?

Would it be improper to ask the interviewers how many other candidates are being interviewed for the training class?  On that note, I am looking for suggestions of good questions to ask the interviewers.

Please feel free to post any responses here or send to me via PM. 

Thanks again for all of the great information!

Yeah expect similar questions.

Odds are they'll be on a tight schedule so you won't get to ask too many questions.

Don't ask how many others are interviewing. It's inappropriate and a moot point. You are selling yourself as yourself. How many others are interviewing simply does not matter. If you get the job you'll know you sold yourself adequately, if you don't, no one is going to tell you how far you were out of the running or why.


Roll Tide:
This is not the only TVA class that you will be offered an interview. If you go in frantic to land this job, you can scare the interviewers away. Have at least 2 good questions you will ask, since you don't want to appear disinterested. Questions like, "how soon can I move up to licensed operator" and "what will I be doing next refueling outage" are very safe. TVA does not intend to hire career AUOs, so it is better that you do want to move up.


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