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Some people may prefer Amherst (site of UMass), but JJ, I think you'd enjoy a trip out to Provincetown  :-X

thanks wayne ! i'm flying into boston so hopefully thats just a short cab ride away.

Dave Warren:
If you want to stay, that is fine.
I flew into Providence on Southwest, rented a car, drove 15 minutes north to the unemployment ofice, stayed there for an hour, turned in my car, flew back home.
I think it cost me around 400 bucks out the door.

Camella Black:
I would fly to Hartford and take a cab to Springfield. About 15 minute cab ride from the airport.  And there is a lot in Springfield to do. Check it out and good luck.

was suppose to make the trip with a friend but we both bought tickets to boston so maybe springfield will be on next years trip. until then i'm heading to boston was just curious which office was best to use and any tips on hotels from the airport.


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