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Boiler tech studying to become apprentice nuclear power equippment operator HELP


I have 18 years experience working in the field as a boiler and burner technician.  Being in the field has exposed me to a multiplicity of hot water and steam plants on both coasts.   Encountering such a diverse amount of troubleshooting, installations, and retrofits, has forced me to become thorough.  I can modestly say I am a sought after professional in fossil fuel.  I do not have a formal education to the ANPEO study material
(found at:
 (I have been studying now for 3 months.  I hired a tutor to help me with the algebra and the physics.  It started making sense about a month ago.  Retaining the information has been most challenging for me.  I take flash cards with me and memorize daily.  I often feel overwhelmed.  I am supposed to test in 3-4 weeks from today.  I want to come in contact with someone who has taken the test.  I want to ask that person for study pointers.  For example:  Are the questions on the test similar to the study questions found in back of the chapters?  If they're not then how are they different?   Could their be a practice test availible elsewhere?  How did you study the material?  Please let me know how I can study efficiently.

I'm sorry to  tell you this, but what you are studying will not be on the test that you are taking. Most utilities use the Edison test, you can find study guides for it here. It is a basic aptitude test. The good news is that what you have been learning will help you once you do get accepted into an Ops training program and knowledge never hurts. Good luck in your future endevers.

The recruiter told me I would have to take an aptitude test first, then to the study the material at
 for the second test.  If I pass both tests then interview in August.  School starts in September.  What do you think?  John

Roll Tide:
WOW! SONGS is self-studying ACAD? In general, I can tell you that the questions are similar to what you see in the text.
There will be an equation / data sheet available for the exam. It will probably look like the one on page 3 of this document:

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the link, it looks helpful.


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