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This is likely a stupid question, but since I don't know any better, I'll ask it here anyway.

Obviously, any sort of weapons or ammo are not allowed in the secure area of any nuclear plant.  My question involves having a handgun carry permit, valid in the state I'll be working in.  Am I allowed to have my carry weapon in the car for travel to and from the plant, or is that a big no-no as well? 

Thanks for your help, and pardon my ignorance.

not on company property... no way no how..

Ask a facility manager...Am I allowed to bring fire arms on company property? what do u think the reply will be? You might get a "lock it up" answer but make sure it is in writing because you are on private property and are subject to search at any time.

don't take the word of the good ole boy who hasnt been caught yet or is hunting buddies with the supervisor.. they don't really care.

Nuclear NASCAR:
Most plants have a sign at the gate says firearms are prohibited on company property with an exemption for security and law enforcement.

Every plant I have been to has a big sign at the start of the access road stating what items are prohibited on site.  After a while, we get so used to seeing the signs that we don't notice them, but they are there.  Firearms are on that list of things prohibited anywhere in the Owner Controlled Area (that means anywhere on their property, not just inside the Protected Area).  These things are listed in Plant Access Training, too.

Dont do it until AFTER you contact Security and verifiy that it is permissible.

Then get it in writing....  based on this, I bet you won't be bringing them onsite.


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