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Low level Long Lived Mixed Radioactive Waste Disposal?


Space Cadet:
I am in the process of weeding out and disposing of a small batch of unknown chemical/radioactive mixed waste.

The isotope is known (C-14/H-3)for all the mixed waste as is the activity (uCi/mCi). The chemical componet is unknown on most containers (legacy waste).

What are my options for disposal? I will most likely be using Bionomics as a vendor. Total volume of all waste would be <30 gallons.

no options until fully characterized,  do metals, solvent scan and halogens.  if you see oily material do pcb,  flash point and ph   then if its non rcra and tsca  solidify with portland or other provided the ph is ok

Costs range from OMFG to ehh depending on what you have.  I've seen quoted prices that range from a 5 gal can of Methylene Chloride with 1.3 Ci of H3 at $65K to an additional $20/ton for treatment of Pb in soils.

Not sure why you say "Mixed waste" if you do not know what the chemical composition is ?

Sounds to me like a batch of old Toluene based LS cocktail maybe ?



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