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Dave Warren:
Does anyone have any guidance on cleaning and disposing of old medical X-Rays?
Is there any guiding document to disposal?
Any help would be appreciated.

The answer would depend on what type of x-ray equipment and if it contains a radioactive source.

I have disposed of analytical x-ray units by removing all visable labeling which included removal of the tube which is still on my shelf.

In my state I also had to de-register it and as it was disposed of as scrap metal did not have to follow up with any future users concerns.

I have also sent one "radiation machine" out of state to a University in which I was directed by my State to notify the receiver of the unit and his states radiological branch of the transfer.

Hope that helps a little

P.S. if its got a source in it its quite a bit more of a pain in the you know what but is doable


Dave Warren:
I was actually referring to the actual X-rays, meaning the paper photo's.
I do appreciate your help though...
The Ohio EPA office told me that it was OK to throw them in the regular trash. I am still doing some research to clarify that claim.

This may be a silly question but why were they taken? Could there be a medical driver (OSHA) that requires their retention? Just asking in case that angle was not addressed.

recycle as silver. there are lots of companies that will take them since they are silver heavy. mark the container as "recycle" that will get you out of RCRA for a while. If you plan to "dispose" of them they are RCRA wastes, and you have a time limit on it, and need a EPA ID number and etc etc etc etc.  RECYCLE or BE SORRY

Contact the state haz waste department.. they always fail TCLP on silver.  Don't depend on someother department to tell you otherwise.


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