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Wayne Adkison Sr. (Tiny)

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On July 5, 2007 Wayne Adkison Sr. ( Tiny) suffered a major stroke caused by a blood clot. At this time he is in the Acute Care Unit at Methodist Medical Center.  The right side of his body is paralyzed, however he has full usage of his legs.  He is unable to speak other than yes or no.  His heart rate is irregular.. Dewayne has a website set up for all the updates on Tiny. to keep up on Tiny's day to day progress.
Keep Tiny and his family in your prayers.

I remember taking him Crappie Fishing a few years back at Fort Loudon Lake. He complained about not catching too many fish around here. I took him out on my boat.  He said that was the most fish he caught in a long time.  Hope he gets better.

Today Pop’s was moved from ICU into a room; however a CT scan revealed that he has had another stroke due to an additional blood clot. This stroke has caused bleeding within the brain and the blood clot remained lodged in his brain causing it to swell. The swelling of his brain is creating a number of problems. For one the brain is compressing within his skull. If they are unable to control the swelling our heavenly Father may call him home…

I’m not ready to give up hope and I will still trust my God, who is faithful and just in all things. With that said, keep the prayers coming and maintain the faith in our Lord.

I’m finding it harder to write in the mist of this storm. The second stroke that Pop’s had caused a lot of damage; he is now paralyzed on the right side of his body. Pop’s was down graded from ICU and moved into a private room. They may move forward next and send him to a rehab center; however the chance of him coming home is not looking good. Also if he has another stroke or his heart gives out he may survive, but as a vegetable…  Keep him and us in your prayers; our God is still in control and he knows what the future holds for Pop’s and I trust him…

Pop’s has been moved back into ICU. He is unable to swallow therefore fluids are trying to move into his lungs, causing him to accessible to pneumonia. They were limiting his fluid intake due to his brain swelling; however this has caused him to have problems with his kidneys. Last night they started working on the kidneys problem. Keep praying for Pop’s and we’ll take it on step at a time.


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