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Does anyone know what happened to Or if there is a similiar website for GFES practice exam generation?

You may already know this, but NRC website has a huge exam bank plus actual GFE exams going back a long way.

Back when I was prepping for the exam I just printed those and covered up the answers with post-it notes while I took the exam.

Yes, I built a site called that generates randomized, single subject quizzes and comprehensive exams, from the NRC's bank of generic fundamentals exams.  Currently the practice exams are PWR only.

Practice quizzes/exams you've taken can be saved as PDF's for later review.  The site has a built-in Mollier diagram, steam tables, and formula sheet, just like you'll have for the final. 

It also has all the DOE's Reactor Operator Fundamentals Manuals online and searchable in case you need to review a topic.  These are literally the textbook for the GFES.

Does anyone have the 2017 exam bank questions yet? Would like to study them. Please PM me if so.. thanks

You do realize the first place it gets released is the NRC website..


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