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I try to never say never about anything, but I would have to be pretty hard up to take another rotating shift.  I did this for a year down at SRS and it was a struggle.  The week off that you got every month was really great.  The rest of the month though was rough.  All the techs I worked with couldn't wait to get a straight day shift job.  Some had been on it for many years and talked about how thier health took a turn for the worse.  I was on it for a one year contract and took a serious pay cut just to get back on a straight day shift job.  'Course people are different and there are those who would not want to be on any shift but a rotating one.  Only way to find out if it will be OK with you would be to try it.  I scoffed at the idea that a rotating shift would be a problem for me, but not any more.

 >:(  I cant wait to get back on shifts.  I LOVE IT!!!  >:(


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