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wow beer, lots of stuff.  I think for single people though, there may be more benifit to the rotation.  and i have been allowed and know of people who were allowed to switch days even if it was going to cost the company OT $$$.  I enjoy skiing ONLY on weekdays, so I like to travel out West on Sunday, Saturday or Monday, then come back on Saturday or Friday.  and for shorter trips, the schedule works out very nicely. there are other things besides skiing that are way better during my weekdays off, like backpacking.  so I agree with your post, but it seems one-sided.  i haven't had the pleasure of being on a rotating shift for 7 years, and I won't go back if I don't have to, but there are silver linings.

I discovered that changes in sleep cycle are triggers for people who suffer from migraine headaches......  :'(    If you allow adequate time to roll onto a new shift it is do-able but you effectively ruin your days off doing it........ We used to have a DuPont 12's schedule that was better than rotating 8's but could have been even better still if they had kept you on 1 shift for 28 days then rotated you rather than rotating every 3-4 days......


beercourt.... wattcha trieen two say?  eye hieght it wan ya mince yer werds.

I have been on a 12 hour rotating shift cycle now for 2 years and Hate it!  I would rather have straight nights/ days for a month at a time and a week off to change schedules.  I was more alert,more productive, happier, and felt my best during a 10 week outage when I worked the night shift all 10 weeks.  It was never dark at work and my body was unaware that it was "night".  Using blackout curtains in the bedroom solved the day sleeping problem.  The rotating shift is an accident waiting to happen.  You get more quality work out of a well rested person who feels good.  This well rested person also will make less errors that could result in bad things.  If I had a choice, I would like to try a 8 hour shift that rolled forward over the 12 hour shift.

I am now on my 7 day off and am already getting preped for night shift 6 days from now.  It is 1:30 AM and would rather cycle on the 1800- 0600 schedule in small steps than all at once. 


--- Quote from: Mike_Koehler on Aug 03, 2007, 12:20 ---I discovered that changes in sleep cycle are triggers for people who suffer from migraine headaches...... 

--- End quote ---

Yeah, I found this out the hard way.

I re-married over 3 years ago and went back to nights last year to get away from certain managers/PhDs, etc...for awhile.

Not long after I went on nights the frequency that my wife had migraines increased significantly, thus triggering a frequent recurring pain in my lower backside for the 9 months I was on nights.



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