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Ode to


Ok it is not really a ode in the Webster version of the word as it is not really long enough or lyrical but you get the point. Besides I wrote it during a really boring meeting.  :-X

Googling one day trying to find some help…my boys are at NNPTC and I don’t want them to get kicked out.
Up pops a link….could it be that can help me?

I register and I lurk. I read and I search. I find a forum that is appropriate for my post. Can they help me with my issues?? Honeycomb to the rescue, HydroDave, Broadzilla, Roll Tide and hamsamich too. Many nice PM’s with words of support and encouragement too.

Months later my Karma is getting higher as I am posting helping out the new nubs on the site…use search function you dink has become a battle cry!!

Someday the twins will be looking for a job and navytwinmom will say…go to….Remember to use the search function or BZ will get you!!

Hope you all have a great day.

Kama to you,  76 and rising.

Karma to ya, and thanks for posting ;D


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