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i wish someone would set up a site and everyone would photo and upload the pix of their old teeshirts...


--- Quote from: Gonzo on Sep 05, 2007, 06:31 ---i wish someone would set up a site and everyone would photo and upload the pix of their old teeshirts...

--- End quote ---
There is already a site you can upload your pictures of outages and outage t-shirts, called

Why can't you use the 'upload picture' button here?

Brett LaVigne:
Seems like outages used to be different. We would show up and re-unite with old friends and make some new ones. Many of us were less than 30 years old and looking for a party. The outage seemed like more of a party than it does now. I think the majority have grown and don't think the same about an outage, we are here to make money and support our families. The outage shirt used ot be a fit, it was a great way to "remember that outage when we made a bon fire with the rental car on the last day and drank our bodyweight in beer".
Those outages just don't exist anymore...Thank goodness!

Camella Black:
I agree that most of us have grown up and gotten wise to the world (thank goodness) but I am a firm believer that the short outages have been caused a ripple effect in our lives. Money aside, think about it. We used to spend 8, 9 months even a year working with the same people, eating out with them, partying with them and traveling to the next job with them. We were like a clan, a big huge family. Wives and children went along, so did girlfriends, moms (ours) as babysitters, it just didn't end.

I miss the old days and sometimes think we lost a lot more than rent a cars, paid hotel rooms and flights and long work hours.

Anyway if I've dampened your mood sorry but hey I'd still love to see some reprints of those old shirts ....

I think I still have a bunch going back to the late 70's.  When I started on the road (he said while tamping his pipe and fluffing the cushions on his rocking chair), outages were only a few weeks long.  We traveled as a crew - the same guys (with a few additions and subtractions) worked together where ever we went.  Following TMI, the outages grew longer as mods were implemented.  Something happened in the mid-80's where plants seemed to forget how to get of their outages.  Now we're back to shorter outages. 

Next time I get home, I'll have to brush the moth balls off the old shirts and start taking pictures.


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