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outage tee shirts

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One of these days I'm going to make a quilt out of all of our outage tee shirts.

...Hey Batman that is a TRUE post you made we get together for a couple what heart drugs, prostate, cholesterol and , diabetes drug we are taking, and how much weight we need to I miss.."THE DAZE"...whew....I have been sober and clean for 9 years,,,and alot of the 70's, 80's and part of the 90's escape me, until I get to an outage with an old timer,,,grey beard that remembers ,,,,how , a wild and crazy Guy "Red: was...I am so thankful for that .."wakening", I got in ' I can remember this "daze" I am did I get to this from a post called.."outage tee shirts' ?,,,,Farley,,,1985,,,,,'GUESS WHAT?.....I pi***ed and passed?....banned

Mike McFarlin:
Can't imagine why?


--- Quote from: Camella Black on Sep 06, 2007, 12:51 ---I agree that most of us have grown up and gotten wise to the world (thank goodness) but I am a firm believer that the short outages have been caused a ripple effect in our lives. Money aside, think about it. We used to spend 8, 9 months even a year working with the same people, eating out with them, partying with them and traveling to the next job with them. We were like a clan, a big huge family. Wives and children went along, so did girlfriends, moms (ours) as babysitters, it just didn't end.

I miss the old days and sometimes think we lost a lot more than rent a cars, paid hotel rooms and flights and long work hours.

Anyway if I've dampened your mood sorry but hey I'd still love to see some reprints of those old shirts ....

--- End quote ---

Soooo true Camella, in some ways I miss the ole days too but glad I lived through them!
I worked peach from 86 to 88, had some wild times. Was there for the FBI raid and the operators sleeping in the control room. I think I still have the T-shirt.

Got to Calvert in 89 for a 60 day outage and they shut both units down for 2 yrs.....must have been 150 techs working together. Best times ever!!!! If I had to do it all over again I wouldn't change nutin!

Old HP:
Most meaningful outage T-Shirt Slogan 

     We Stayed Behind To Save Yours!

                    TMI Staff      April  1979


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