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I happen to be one of the RP FLS's that quit (took another position with a different company actually).  I will not say which plant but I will tell you that it all depends on who you work for.  Where I was, it was miserable.  Long hours, no appreciation, constant stress, and poor leadership from above.  Whenever the department achieved something positive, it was because of the upper leadership in the department.  Whenever there was an issue, whether big or small, it was the FLS's fault and upper leadership had nothing to do with it.  Now this is different at different sites, I checked, however I am informing you of what it was like at my site.  Hours were long, with no OT, except for outages which was paid at ST anyways.  I did the math one time and based on the amount of time I spent at the plant without getting compensated for it, I was making about $32/hr which was far less than my salary.  My family life was getting extremely strained (I had 3 small kids at home) and got out the first chance I could to save my personal life while I was still young and had the chance.  The pay was good though as well as the bonuses.  To each his own, I guess and like I said, I am only speaking for the plant I was at.


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