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well how are your experiences at those places?

I have worked at Peach Bottom, TMI, Limerick, LaSalle, Dresden and Clinton and they were all different. There is no valid cross-comparison for the contract technician. I was treated like a pariah at one plant and like part of the family at a couple of the others. The working conditions (for me, anyway) ranged from excellent to dismal. At one plant the house techs would not talk to you if you were a contractor and at one they were all giving me email addresses and telling me to keep in touch... and those plants were only a couple of hours apart.

Like the carney says -- "Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances."

How is Oyster Creek for NEOs?


--- Quote from: mutant on Aug 20, 2009, 08:08 ---Let me guess...except for the part about them being a few hours apart I'd say that TMI treated you like family and LaSalle treated you like a leper.

--- End quote ---

Only one of those plants was in my comparison but your instincts are pretty good. And to qualify, there were actually a few house techs at LaSalle that were very nice. I had the luck to work directly with one on the refuel floor that was pretty easy to get along with and actually communicated with me. The rest made a point of ignoring you. The techs at Clinton were awesome... friendly, helpful, appreciative of the work we did  -- in short, everything a road tech likes to find at his next plant.

TMI was one of my favorite outages because of the people I worked with and the job I got to do.  Once they found out I was a computer geek on top of the RP experience I had, I got assigned to work the control point where I spent most of the time in an office-like environment working with a lead tech (Vince) who appreciated that I could handle the computer tasks and take over the RP responsibilities when he needed a break (a combination he had not enjoyed before.) I promised to return for the next outage, but those plans were overcome by events (got a job as a Rad Engineer) and I didn't go back.


--- Quote from: mutant on Aug 21, 2009, 09:39 ---Off topic perhaps but here is my top three (family & leper) list.  Disclaimer: it should be obvious to the casual observer that I have not been to some of these sites in quite some time and things may have changed a bit.


1. TMI (pre-Exelon only because I haven't been there since 13R)
2. Diablo Canyon
3. Tie between Trojan and Rancho Seco

Leper Colonies:

1. LaSalle
2. St. Lucie
3. tie between SONGS (modern day), DC Cook, & HB Robinson

--- End quote ---

I'd like to add that there is a official NukeWorker list of Best and Worst plants, that YOU NukeWorkers have made (Don't forget to vote) found here:



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